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FuturaImageFutura Sports Agency are agents to pro sportsmen and women. Acting as career management specialists as well as agents for professional sportsmen and women in Cricket, Hockey, Rugby, Tennis & Swimming. This agency is involved in Overseas Exchange Programs for both local and overseas based cricketers.

They fully prepare their sports stars for a cricketing experience of a lifetime. This agency also specialises in the sourcing of sports coaches to schools as well as specialising in high performance coaching.

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The Life and Determination of Patrick Steytler

PatrickIt is often said that you are the company you keep; and that statement couldn’t be more real for Patrick Steytler who seems to only be attracting outstanding achievements.
Paddy studied a Bachelor of Commerce degree through UNISA where he majored in Accounts & Financial Management. It is his passion for interacting with people and dedication to setting up his clients with the top products going around that mostly sets him apart.

Paddy sites Sports as his greatest passion; and what better way than to combine your studies with passion? This is exactly why he excels both as Futura Sports Agency Career Management Specialist and as Financial Planner at RCP Advisory Services. He says “Obviously as everyone knows, sport is my passion, and FSA has given me the opportunity to follow my dream.”
He goes on to add that he always strives to see his clients in a better position than when they first joined. “Under the guidance of our Director & the support team at RCP Advisory Services I am very confident that every client’s financial needs will be taken care of. It really is a great company to be apart of and their vision is unmatched. I am really pleased that RCP Advisory Services is the Financial partner to all our Athletes & professionals we have the privilege of managing.”

“I would also like to thank my heavenly Father at this stage for dealing with people’s lives- it is a serious business & without HIS guidance & direction from above things would not work out.”

Paddy recently returned from England and describes the experience as being a positive one for FSA from a business point of view & for his Athletes. “Contracts were signed, futures secured, new UK based players signed up, decisions made & many more positives can be taken out of this trip, both personally from an experience point of view & for the Athletes of FSA. A special mention must go to the Australian Cricket Team for looking after me superbly as well as to the entire behind the scenes staff at Hampshire CCC.”

For Patrick there is no resting but only pushing further on his goals; “the ultimate goal for me is to use what I have been blessed with & use my “being different to the norm approach” & be simply the best in the business through sheer hard work, determination & drive.”  He says that he wants to focus on getting success with the current crop of Athletes and professionals he currently has under his wing & would also like the partnership between FSA & RCPSA to grow exponentially by the end of 2015.

So, for someone who has achieved so much it’s quite fascinating to learn how he views success. “Success with regards to my Athletes will always involve the long term & carefully plotting and planning their future to get them to the highest level, being international sport. I also firmly believe in the FSA policy that once an Athlete retires we will still be very much part of their lives as we have planned their Financial future really well through RCP Advisory Services.”
Paddy admits that the ability to overcome obstacles is necessary through any path to success; “Challenges are something that I find confront us on a daily basis & yes they are more than tough at times, but with help from above and belief in what you do, you will overcome any obstacle that awaits you. It is also really important for me to have the sincere support of backing of a few key people in my life like my Mom and the people I look up to and trust.”

He adds that surrounding yourself with the positive and like-minded people and by bringing everything to God will assist you in overcoming the challenges that life throws at you.
“From the Day an Athlete signs up it is the belief we have in them that makes the biggest impact on their lives. I always drill it into them that they are the best as long as they BELIEVE in themselves & their dreams and are willing to put in the hard work, they will succeed.”

Matthew Bach, RCP Financial Planner, says “Paddy is renowned for his undying passion for sport and his outstanding athletes alike”.

Looking to the future, Paddy believes that each person is capable of great achievements with some faith in their own capabilities, “always believe in yourself & never ever give up…ever”